Universal Dance

Dance with confidence, move in unity.

Dance with Confidence, Move in Unity

Established in 2011 by Lindsay Willis-Wood, Company Founder and Director.
At Universal Dance, we’re not just about dance classes; we’re about creating a vibrant community where unity, confidence, and friendship thrive.

Lindsay founded Universal Dance with a vision of inclusivity, aiming to bridge gaps and create an environment open to everyone. With Lindsay’s background as the Head of Dance within Education, academic pursuits are also promoted here at UD, as well as our specialist skills in Street and Commercial dance styles.

Academic Dance Practices

In addition to our core offerings, we’re committed to academic excellence in dance education:

Contemporary Dance: Dive into contemporary movement with Rambert Grades, focusing on supporting those taking GCSE dance.

Ballet: Master the art of ballet with the Royal Academy of Dance curriculum.

Acrodance: Blend acrobatics seamlessly with dance through the Acrobatics Arts Society.

Join us at Universal Dance and embark on a journey of self-discovery and creativity. Whether you’re dancing for fun or dreaming of a dance career, there’s something here for everyone.

Meet Our Teachers

Company Director

Lindsay is the visionary founder and company director of Universal Dance, established in 2011. With a mission to infuse her local community with fresh and vibrant energy, Lindsay has created a welcoming haven where children can learn to dance in a safe, inclusive, and ‘family feel’ environment. Her passion for street dance and commercial dance drives Universal Dance’s ethos, celebrating unity, confidence, and authenticity.

Lindsay is a qualified teacher in education, as well as being a registered teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance. She also holds one of the only Street Dance qualifications in the UK. As well leading UD, she also works full-time at Ardingly College as the Head of Dance, where she leads both academic and co-curricular dance programs. Under Lindsay and her team’s expert guidance, students not only master dance techniques but also grow in self-expression and community spirit, making Universal Dance a cornerstone of inspiration and creativity.

Street Dance & Commercial

I have been dancing for 14 years and trained in styles such as Street Dance and Commercial.

Teaching at UD is nothing but positive and everyone is a part of the #UDfam and so supportive and encouraging to one another.

Contemporary & Acrodance

I teach both contemporary and acro at UD and has been part of the team for 3 years. I love that the training the kids receive at UD is authentic and that each teachers knowledge influences the style of classes we offer.

Join our Family! What we offer…

Fun-Focused Environment:
Our classes are all about enjoying yourself and expressing your true self.

Opportunities for Advancement:
Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, we have pathways for growth.

Award-Winning Dance Crews:
Join our acclaimed crews – Graffiti, Scribble, and Sketch.

Competitive Opportunities:
Elevate your skills with our competitive dance programs.

Our Street Dance and Commercial classes follow the UDO Academy syllabus, offering certifications in these styles. (link)

Coaching Programs:
Become a dance teacher with our Level 2 and 3 coaching programmes through SLUK (link)

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