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"Universal Dance lessons are all about having fun.

My daughter has always got a big smile on her face after her classes."

Amy Mason - Mother of KS1 Universal Dancer



Universal Dance is proud to be able to nurture some of our young students into aspiring teachers of dance. In partnership with Sports Leaders UK, our students have the opportunity to take their Level 2 Award across 16-18months with Universal Dance.


Sports Leaders UK suggests that "many young people develop a passion for dance at a young age, but there is a significant drop off in participation at secondary school – either due to other commitments, finance or provision within schools. The Dance Leadership qualifications give students the chance to rediscover their passion for dance whilst also gaining life changing skills and experience. Dance Leaders can also become advocates for leadership and help engage their peers and younger students. They will also have the skills necessary to help run Dance clubs within schools to help others become more physically active and engaged."


Working alongside teachers at Universal Dance, students will learn the fundamental leadership skills necessary to teach dance classes of their own. They will work individually and as part of a team to lead events, create a group dance and research various dance styles. Students will develop their confidence and motivation and learn valuable life skills. The sessions they participate in will also use dance to help develop their employability skills.

Level 2 Lizzie



Following the success of two Level 2 Dance Leadership cohorts since October 2018, we will be offering another course in the new year.

The Level 2 Dance Leadership course is for those aged 13+.

You must be a student with Universal Dance in order to enrol.

Contact Jess Lloyd for more information about the next available course from January 2021.




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Click HERE to see Natasha's Level 2, Unit 4 choreography (2019) 

Level 2 Dance Leadership