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What is Commercial Dance?! ‘Commercial’ refers to dance styles or routines that have been adapted for live or recorded performance such as TV shows, concerts, music videos, movies and obviously commercials or adverts. There are many different dance genres that can fall into the commercial bracket; street, jazz, ballet or even ballroom. Generally speaking, commercial dance is a ‘mixed bag’ of styles that are geared around entertaining and performance quality. More and more dance institutions are offering commercial classes on their timetables now as it is seen as a great skill for budding young dance professionals. UD’s class is fun, energetic, technically challenging at times but basically an excuse to dance, strut and ‘hair flick’ to the latest chart topper!


‘I haven’t danced properly in years so was so excited when Universal Dance started. I do Street Dance, Ballet, Contemporary and all the dance fitness programmes! Amazing workouts and banging tunes!’

Laura, 24, East Grinstead

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